Professor Michael Charles Zerner (1940-2000)

  • 1940: Born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1961: BS degree from Carnegie Mellon University
  • 1962: AM degree from Harvard University
  • 1966: PhD degree from Harvard University (under Professor Martin Gouterman)
  • 1966-68: Served two years in the US Army, earning the rank of Captain
  • 1969-70: NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with Per-Olov Lowdin at the University of Uppsala (Sweden)
  • 1970: joined Chemistry at the University of Guelph
  • 1982: joined the Quantum Theory Project (QTP), Chemistry, and Physics at the University of Florida
  • 1998: promoted to rank of Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Florida
  • Professor Zerner was the lead designer of ZINDO.
  • Professor Zerner authored or coauthored more than 225 scientific research papers, 20 book chapters, and 8 patents.
  • Professor Zerner edited 35 books or proceedings.
  • Professor Zerner helped organize (with his colleagues at QTP) the Sanibel Symposia.

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Russ Drago and Mike Zerner
Russ Drago (1928 - 1997) and Mike Zerner (1940 - 2000)

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